Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Conceive A Girl

Getting married is the most wonderful moment that a woman ever dreamed of but conceiving a child from a man she loves is the greatest blessing from God above. Although being pregnant is a very challenging job for a soon- to- be mother and delivery of the baby is a life and death situation, there are still women who want to become a mother. When a couple has a baby, it gives them so much satisfaction in life – it is as if like they are complete and content. Every couple has a specific preference on their child’s gender and most wives dream of having a baby girl instead of a baby boy. It is, however, difficult to bear a baby girl if the couple doesn’t have any knowledge on how to conceive a girl.
Why women preferred to have a baby girl?
Well, wishing to conceive a baby girl does not mean that women do not like having a child who is a boy, it just so happened that having a daughter can bring so much joy to a mother. If she has a daughter, she can dress her up and turn into a little princess or a Barbie – every woman dream of having that kind of bonding moment with her child.
In fact, having a daughter perceive to have fewer problems when she is growing up – of course that depends on how the parents will raise her. Girls are easy to be disciplined and obedient, which is why more couples wants to have a daughter. The problem is how to conceive a girl?
How to conceive a girl?
Well, if you are really determine to conceive a baby girl, perhaps you can find time to visit HOW TOCONCEIVE A GIRL OR BOY website to learn some of its methods in order to conceive a baby girl.

oIt is the method where the woman needs to pinpoint her ovulation period which involves charting her cervical mucus from time to time (every day). The use of a basal body thermometer to monitor her body’s temperature daily. Other tool is also needed: ovulation predictor kit.
oThe author stated that according to her research, a woman should take a lot calcium and magnesium to bear a baby girl. But it was not proven yet.
oIt is basically the most popular method for everyone who wished to conceive a girl. The couple should only find a doctor who has expertise with this method and lot a budget of $1000.
oThis kind of method states that those who want to conceive a girl, they must follow the Chinese birth calendar which will show them what month they should conceive according to age to guarantee that they can conceive a girl.
oAnother possible way to ensure giving birth to a baby girl.
Woman on top position
Old missionary position
Spooning position
If you try these methods but still fails to conceive the gender you wanted, well, don’t lose hope because regardless of the methods, if God wants to give you a daughter, He will – in the right time.
Methods acts only as a guide to help you achieve what you desire and only God can give you what you truly deserve.